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  • Stock single vision AR coated lenses available at great prices: Peak, Sync, F2 Teflon, Seiko ECP, Crizal Easy, Alizé and Avancé
  • We feature JONES NEW YORK, CONVERSE, REMBRAND, FREE FORM Titanium Rimless eyewear 
  • Converse All-Star eyeware for kids
  • BluTech lenses and Welif Blue Light  Cut Lenses
  • Complete selection of Industrial, Athletic and Safety Eyewear

Customer  Deidre R. says:


“Paul Bommarito and George Quiring worked with me to help design both computer/reading glasses as well as progressive sunglasses. The lenses they developed really saved me. I had received a pair of progressives that made seeing my monitor very difficult – blurry with no real portion designed for viewing the computer. Not only that but the price was very, very good! If I had gone back to my regular optometrist for computer/readers or sunglasses, it would have cost me four times for one pair and instead I got two really great pairs that have helped me tremendously.”




Deidre Rogers, RN, MS, PHN, CIE

Ergovera Ergonomic Consulting


Customer  Christina M. says:


"George at Benchworks recommended that my new glasses be made with a blue light filter. Since getting my new glasses I am able to see more detail in my husband’s face when I look at him.

 I am also able to see more movement when watching TV sports such as hockey. It has become much clearer for me to see fast movements.

I was also having a problem being blinded by fluorescent lighting when I went from sunlight into a store. The blue light filter has calmed the blinding. I am very happy with my new blue light filter lenses."


Thank you George,

Christina M.

Ask about our custom ergonomic fittings:


Benchworks offers custom ergonomic fitting services with Dr. Paul Bommarito of Ergovue at our satellite location in Cupertino, CA located in the Cal Ergonomics Offices at 21730 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014.  Please note that all Benchworks services are available at any of our locations, please call for an appointment.


Dr. Bommarito analyzes Deidre Rogers for computer glasses

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